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The City of Silence: the Other Monumental

  • availability 21 Jun
  • Torino 90 minuti
  • Group of 2-10 Persons
  • starting from € 15 Per person

Historical and artistic itinerary at the Monumental Cemetery of Turin. Turin's Monumental Cemetery contains a prestigious historical and artistic heritage and, like many other similar sites, is one of the tourist destinations for art lovers.

The city of silence with its stone memories welcomes not only the deceased of the Christian – Catholic tradition but also the remains of those who have embraced different spiritual paths.

With deep respect and awareness that befits places capable of creating inner resonance, we will try to know the approach to death and the rituals that follow from both the Jewish and the Evangelical religions.

The itinerary will stop in the vicinity of 2 of the 7 Jewish camps and on the so-called “non-evangelical” cemetery, allowing participants to approach the graves of Primo Levi and Nobel Prize winner Rita Levi Montalcini in silence, while the Gospel camp will present the tombs of the Caffarel, Talmone and Gustavo Modena families.

It will continue with an in-depth study on the theme of the Cremation and the genesis of cremationist thought which has its roots in the ideas of the French Revolution and Freemasonry in favor of a secular religion of the cinerary urns.

Finally, for those who wish, we will visit the Place of Remembrance (formerly Roseto) and some common spaces of the Crematorium Temple.


Meeting place at 2:45 pm, in front of the main entrance

The visits are activated upon reaching a minimum number of participants

Cost of individual guided tour:

15.00 €; € 14.00 for those who also book the afternoon tour Discovering the Monumental (including the miking system over 6 participants)

Group guided tour

Duration 120 minutes

On request

120€ + 30€ miking system


In collaboration with:
Theatrum Sabaudiae

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