The Company Turismo AlpMed

Turismo AlpMed was born out of the need to organize and manage relationships with members of the public, private companies and industry associations in order to propose a portal for tourists that offers tailor-made stays and packages.

Thanks to the collaboration and direct participation of FederAlberghi Piemonte, UnionCamere Piemonte, ConfCommercio Piemonte, this project aims to develop a dynamic, flexible and complete solution for the tourism sector that allows users to plan holidays in Piedmont.

BookingPiemonte caters to all accommodation properties in Piedmont, focusing on services and high-tech content that aims to increase the number of Italian and foreign visitors in the area. As well as allowing users to book rooms, the portal proposes tourism packages that are available in a pre-configured or dynamic way depending on different types of product, the season or important events that are taking place. Seasonal and themed promotions are also offered by single hotels.

The Philosophy

The philosophy of this project is based on the idea of everything being at your fingertips, available immediately, just like the new way you can experience the city, changing and reworking your habits and letting you truly enjoy the beauty of Piedmont. In fact, as well as the being able to book a holiday here, the portal proposes packages that can be personalized with special offers related to the numerous events that take place in the region.

Urban liveliness, the silence of the natural and untouched landscapes, historic and avant-garde places, ‘cult’ kitchens that serve up the minimal cuisine, temples of the Piedmont cuisine and much more is available in just a simple click.


Thanks to the partnership with the company WinTrade, the leader in online reservations,BookingPiemonte boasts one of the most sophisticated reservation software programs available on the market. The WebBookingPass is an innovative piece of software that, via one interface, allows for the management of online hotel reservations. Created in response to the numerous marketing and sales needs of hoteliers, WebBookingPass is an intuitive and easy-to-use tool and it is integrated with all the main distribution channels (via the Channel Manger).

Know how

– Experience in the tourism sector in Italy and on an international level

– Knowledge and application of the most advanced communication and marketing techniques

– Experience in the creation of global branding strategies with local implementation

– Conception and development of a platform for e-commerce, booking and product management.

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