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Booking and cancellation policies

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1. Applicable Legislation

The contract regarding the organization of travel, holidays and the sale of individual tourist services, is governed by Italian Law 27 December 1977 n. 1084, ratifying and implementing the International Convention on Travel Contracts (CCV), signed in Brussels on April 23rd 1970. The contract regarding the sale of package tours is governed by the Italian Legislative Decree n. 206 of September 6th 2005 (“Consumers Code”) as well as the aforementioned CCV. Furthermore, a distance contract must also respect the directives of the Italian Legislative Decree of April 9th 2003, n. 70, implementing the EC Directive 2000/31/EC and “regarding certain juridical aspects of information society services in the internal market, with particular reference to electronic commerce “.

2. Acceptance of the Contract

The contract regarding the organization of travel, holidays, and the sale of individual tourist services will be governed by the general terms and conditions of this travel contract and by the previously mentioned legislation.

The Consumer declares to approve all the information foreseen by the above mentioned regulations and those contained in the confirmation voucher sent by email, of which he/she confirms to have acquired complete knowledge, notwithstanding the fact that, should any information not be in his/her possession at the time of contract closure, such information will be promptly supplied before departure. Furthermore, as far as payment conditions, withdrawal with penalty and the transfer of booking by the consumer are concerned, the Consumer declares approving what is stated hereunder by Bookingpiemonte.it.


3.1 Booking procedures

Use the hotel search facility in homepage, by selecting an arrival date, the number of rooms and the number of adults and children. The selection of a structure category is also possible.

The system will supply a list of accommodation corresponding to search criteria. Select the hotel, click on the “Book Now” button to book a room, or on the “Special deals” button to view the special offers proposed by the selected hotel.

After selecting the hotel, the room category and/or the special offer, the reservation form must be filled in with the Consumer’s personal details and credit card number, taking care that all compulsory fields (pointed out by an asterisk) are filled correctly in. We recommend that Consumers read the cancellation and no-show policy of the hotel carefully prior to confirming their reservation. Further requests/information can be added by filling the appropriate space in the booking form. It must, however, be underlined that while most Hotels will strive to honor such requests, neither Bookingpiemonte.it nor the Hotels guarantee that such requests will be honored.

Confirm purchase by clicking on the “Reserve” button.

The purchase confirmation will generate the actual booking and the Consumer will immediately be sent an automatic email message, confirming the purchase.

3.2 Payment Methods

No advance payment is requested to book a room and/or a special offer featured by a hotel. Credit card details are only required as a guarantee in the event of no-show or cancellation beyond the established terms. Payment will be made at the hotel.

3.3 Travel Documents

Once the booking is concluded, two different confirmation documents are generated; one is immediately available and printable by clicking on the “Print booking confirmation” button. Another one is sent to the Consumer by e-mail to the e-mail address inserted in the reservation form. Accuracy in filling the reservation form is therefore highly recommended. A wrong e-mail address will not allow the correct flow of information/booking confirmation and will cause misunderstandings and communication issues.

Either confirmation will serve as a voucher to be shown at the hotel when checking-in.

3.4 Booking modification

Our system does not allow any booking modification. To change a booking you must cancel the current booking (following instructions as per art. 3.1.5 hereunder) and enter a new booking. It is important to remember that specific and different cancellation penalties may be applicable, the terms of which depend on the Property and the Product. Should such cancellation terms have elapsed at the time of booking cancellation, Consumers may contact PHB directly (info@Bookingpiemonte.it – phone nr: +39 011 5618465), so that PHB may immediately contact the concerned hotel to check if the required modification is possible and if the hotel is willing to accept it at no extra charge. It must be underlined that this is a mere courtesy by PHB, which however cannot give any guarantee about the acceptance and execution of the request by the Hotel.

3.5 Booking cancellation

To cancel a booking, Consumers need to access the “Your Reservation” area (by clicking the specific button on the homepage). After entering the reservation code, you view the applicable cancellation terms and conditions and cancel the booking by clicking on the specific button. To avoid misunderstanding it is advisable that ALL cancellations are made ONLY through the Bookingpiemonte.it online booking system. If a cancellation is made beyond the cancellation terms and conditions as set forth at the time of booking, Bookingpiemonte.it cannot be held responsible for possible penalties charged to the Consumer by the Hotel.

4. Hotel Classification

Both the hotels and the tourist residences are classified according to standards established by Regione Piemonte as per Regional Law of 24th January 1995 nr, 14.

5. Mandatory Information as per Art. 17 Law 6th February 2006 nr 38

The Italian Law punishes by imprisonment any crime involving prostitution or juvenile pornography, even if such crime is committed abroad.

6. Competent Court

The court of Turin, Italy, shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes relating to the terms of package tours, whereby Consumers are not involved.